Monday, June 18, 2012

Transferring a domain to IraNIC and pay for renewals with common credit cards.

Common Question :

Can I renew a domain with IraNIC and pay online with common credit cards, even if they have registered it somewhere else ?

Yes you can.

These are the steps you have to make :

1- get the whois information of your domain and check who is the holder handle for the domain. You can the the who is at . generally the handles are in XY123-irnic format.

2- You should have the login information of your domain to NIC.IR main portal at . After you login, you search for your domain. then select "Change Contacts"

3- You should change the reseller contact or billing contact of the domain to Iranic handle : ra50-irnic

4- Almost done .. then you should create a new account at , enter your email address and select your country :

5- Once you enter your information go to "Domain Transfer" page and in the top box, enter your domain name.

6- In 'My Domains' Page you can click on your domain and continue to renew the domain using credit cards.

Notes :

  • We suggest domain renewal of 5 years because its a greate saving and you will be protected and worry free for the longer period. 
  • If the domain holder address is an Iranian address, you should select Iran as your country when you sign up a new Iranic account. You can still pay using common credit cards. 


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  13. Transferring a domain to IraNIC involves a straightforward process that allows domain owners to manage their domains within Iran's top-level domain space (.ir). To initiate the transfer, the domain owner must first click IraNIC's official website