Thursday, June 28, 2012

.IR domain ownership transfer trough IraNIC

We have just added the functionality of domain ownership transfer for .IR domains. Domain ownership transfer costs half of the domain registration price. Currently at $12.50 .

Steps in Transfering an ownership of a .IR domain : 

Step 1 : (Seller) 
Seller needs to find out the PIN information of the domain and unlock the domain. If the domain is registered in, seller can login to account, select the domain name and on the bottom of the page, he can ask for PIN information. The pin can take up to 12 hours to be emailed to the seller. Seller email this PIN to buyer. 

Step 2 : (Buyer)
Buyer needs to login to their account, create a NIC handle (or use a currently used handle), then come to this Transfer page and enter the domain information + PIN information and also make the transfer fee payment. 

Step 3 : (Seller)
Seller receives an email from NIC.IR in 12 hours, to confirm the transfer. 

Step 4 : (Seller) 
Seller will receive an email asking for documentaion of the domain, seller should scan/email or fax the form agreeing to the transfer and should include the personal ID, if the domain under a personal name or the company ID, if the domain is currently under a company name. 


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