Saturday, January 16, 2016

Iran Domain Statistics : .ir ccTLD Domains - Year 2015 in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4

Below is the Iran .ir ccTLD domain status for 2015.

Numbers and statistics below are based on the numbers and stats published by IR Iran Nic registry (IRNIC)  Data collection, calculations and stats are done by Iranic. Based on the information published by DomainWire Q4 report, .IR Iran ccTLD is the number 9th fastest growing ccTLD globally.

Domain Increase : 138148 domains.
Domain Increase Rate :  % 23.24  yearly

Q1 : 

Domain Increase : 35044 domains.
Growth Rate :  % 5.90 Quarterly

Q2 : 

Domain Increase : 27944 domains.
Growth Rate :  % 4.44 Quarterly

Q3 : 

Domain Increase : 38716 domains.
Growth Rate :  % 5.88 Quarterly

Q4 : 

Domain Increase : 35103 domains.
Growth Rate :  % 5.03 Quarterly


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