Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New commands for SMS Portal

IraNIC has been the only .ir domain implementing live SMS domain registration / renewal and notification service in Iran. Due to high demands from our customers, we have added the new "balance" and "help" commands so the customers can better manage their SMS management .

IraNIC SMS number : 300 039 2701 ( Active only inside Iran )

SMS Formats :

  • Help : Giving you the list of all command and the example of use.
  • Balance : Giving you the real-time account balance in RLS. It will also give your account pricing for domain registration and renewal.
  • Register / Register1 : Registering a domain for 1 year . Example : Register newdomain.ir
  • Register5 : Registering a domain for 5 years. Example : Register5 newdomain.ir
  • Renew / Renew 1 : Renewing a domain for 1 year. Example : Renew newdomain.ir
  • Renew5 : Renewing a domain for 5 years. Example : Renew5 newdomain.ir
  • Check : Checking the availability of a domain. Example : Check yourdomain.ir
  • Whois : Giving the full whois output for a .IR domain. Example : Whois yourdomain.ir
  • Help : If you ever forgot how to send the SMS formats, you can always send the Help command and receive this guide. 

If you had any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

IraNIC Team


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