Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stats of Iran .ir ccTLD Domains - June 2015

Below is the .ir ccTLD domain status for each day of June 2015. 

June 2015 :

Domain Increase : 11340 domains.
Domain Increase Rate :  % 1.75  Monthly

2015-06-01, 646344 
2015-06-02, 646664 
2015-06-04, 646856 
2015-06-05, 648521 
2015-06-06, 649451 
2015-06-07, 647995 
2015-06-08, 648201 
2015-06-09, 648466 
2015-06-10, 648772 
2015-06-11, 648978 
2015-06-12, 649170 
2015-06-13, 651025 
2015-06-14, 650365 
2015-06-15, 650939 
2015-06-16, 651265 
2015-06-17, 651703 
2015-06-18, 651906 
2015-06-19, 652059 
2015-06-20, 653888 
2015-06-21, 653304 
2015-06-22, 653854 
2015-06-23, 654270 
2015-06-24, 654683 
2015-06-25, 654910 
2015-06-26, 656660 
2015-06-27, 657065 
2015-06-28, 656500 
2015-06-29, 656895 
2015-06-30, 657684 


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